Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Faith's Giveaway

As many of your know, there are some big expenses that come with an adoption. For us, one of the biggest is the cost of having to take two weeks off work without pay and pay for a place to stay in Utah for up to two weeks - we are estimating we need to raise about $3,000 for this and another $1,000 for our court costs while we are there. To help us, some friends have put together a giveaway with some great prizes! A $5 donation gives you the chance to win many great prizes! These include (most of these are local to the Fresno, CA area - sorry!):

Gift Certificates:

$100 gift certificate for Academy Hardware of Sanger

2 One-hour massage gift certificates ($90 value each-two separate prizes)
Brow wax & 30-minute mini-facial courtesy of Vanessa at Amenities Spa & Salon at Fig Garden

Two certirficates for three combination plates, courtesy of Chapala’s Mexican Restaurant of Sanger (two separate 3-entree prizes)
One pound See’s Candy


Two small original landscape paintings by Central Valley artist Tim Esau

Various artwork in varying styles created by local artists

1983 collector set of uncirculated Olympic Silver Dollars ($50-$75 value)

Baskets and their contents:

Beauty and Hair Care:

One free hair cut at High Style Salon of Fresno

OPI nail polishes

Biolage Limited-Edition hair care products

Assorted lotions, body washes, and styling products

Colorful carrying tote

Gifts for Baby Boy:

Jungle themed hand-made fleece blanket

Two custom created onesies

Three hand-knitted hats, sizes vary from newborn to child

Sock Monkey themed photo album

Gifts for Baby Girl:

Penguin and friends hand-made fleece blanket

Two custom created onesies

Three hand-knitted hats, sizes vary from newborn to child

Forest Friends themed photo album


One bottle of Treatch Cellars, Muscat of Alexandria

One bottle of Treatch Cellars, Nebbiolo 2007

Two Wedgewood wine glasses with box of wine glass charms

Wine bottle opener

Wine bottle carrying case

Bath & Relaxation:

Bath pillow

Box set of seashell candles

Coconut vanilla body wash

Two hand-crafted Cobble Creek soaps

Bath poof

Vanilla scented diffuser

Hand-held bath massager

Home Spa Set:

Seven hand-crafted Cobble Creek soaps

Loofah sponge

Pumice stone brush

Chesapeake Bay candle, Sea Salt Air scented

11-piece box pedicure set

Decorative washcloth

Hawaiian Treats:

Box of mango coconut patties

Box of coconut chocolate patties

One pound of Kona coffee

Box of passion fruit tea

Honey-roasted macadamia nuts

Kona coffee-glazed macadamia nuts

Chesapeake Bay candle, Vanilla Rum Brulee scented

We appreciate your support and prayers! If you want to purchase a ticket, either email me at pookiebearl@yahoo.com, use the "donation" button on the right hand side of the blog and put "Faith's giveaway" and the number of tickets you want in the message line, or give me a call! We have over 4,900 left to sell! The raffle will be held January 1st...don't miss out! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why adoption?

Why adoption?
For me, I was always interested in adopting. It was never a matter of if I could have biological children or not, I just knew God had called me to adopt. I am talking as far back as high school people lol...I was the girl who watched the World Vision commercials and BAWLED...still am ;) I thought I wanted biological children too, but it was never that important for me to go through the whole pregnancy experience. I know it is for some women, and I totally respect that...I think God was just preparing my heart for what was to come.
We did try to conceive for two years...went through the weekly (or more) infertility Dr. visits, I took up to 4 meds a month and gave myself a shot (yuck!). But we came to a place where we had to stop and ask ourselves - was this how God wanted us to build our family or were our own desires and stubbornness clouding our judgment? At that time, our next step was IVF, so we decided to walk away and let God speak to us.
A few weeks later, we got the email that would change our live.
A friend from church emailed and said her daughter knew of an 18-year-old in Utah who wanted to give up her baby for adoption. We prayed about it, talked to her, and I have to say, I have never heard God speak more clearly...Mike and I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace...we knew this was our baby.
Mike was always ok with the idea of adoption, but thought he also wanted a biological child. Funny how things change, because he felt the same tug on his heart as I did when he heard about this precious one, and once he saw pictures of his sweet little Faith, he feel so madly in love it made no difference who carried her in their tummy. My husband has a huge heart, and I love how he lights up when he talks about his daughter.
We are constantly reminded by people that things could change, that the biological mother could change her mind. However, we are at peace and have chosen to walk this path that God is leading us down with joy, hope, and faith (and Faith!).

I didn't give you the gift of life,

But in my heart I know.

The love I feel is deep and real,

As if it had been so.

For us to have each other

Is like a dream come true!

No, I didn't give you

The gift of life,

Life gave me the gift of you.

Author: Unknown