Friday, December 31, 2010

Craftiness and Nursery Progress

First, please pray for CC and Faith in these last ten weeks...CC has had some stomach pains, and she has been scared. As of today, she's feeling better, but we still want Faith to stay warm and cozy for at least 8 more weeks!
We are finally starting to get Faith's nursery together...such a big step, and so scary knowing that we could always come home empty handed...such a big test of faith (no pun intended)! We had to go buy a crib last week because the one we had was drop-side, and all drop side cribs have now been recalled. Kind of a bummer expense-wise, but I LOVE the new crib! Her bedding should be here any day and I can't wait to see it! The walls are aqua, and we accented it with white trim and molding. This is the view when you enter the room:
The view facing her crib:
The lettering above her name reads, "Such a big miracle in such a little girl."
Close-ups of the crib:

I have been trying to make as many things as possible for her room. I got some white wood letters on sale and added buttons and rhinestones to make them more personalized:
I also painted four canvases for her room...her bedding has mermaids, and we are going for a beachy feel :)

I also made a wreath with strips of linen, tulle, burlap, feathers, an iron letter 'F' and some rhinestone buttons
This is not the best pic, but I'm really happy with how it turned out :)
That's it for now...more pics to follow soon with the rest of the furniture and bedding!