Monday, September 6, 2010

Our blog: Now our adoption blog!

So I haven't posted anything in a YEAR! I cannot believe it! This year has been rough, lots of ups and downs in terms of our journey to becoming parents. Along the way, I found out I had a blocked fallopian tube, hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia...all things that make getting pregnant that much harder! My husband and I decided to really pray and seek God's heart on what was next for us. We didn't feel that comfortable with the next options medically, but we also couldn't afford to adopt...we were really beginning to feel like maybe we would never be parents! I started praying that God would bring someone into our lives whose baby we could adopt, as a private adoption would be significantly lower in cost than a traditional, agency one. About two months ago, a family friend introduced us to a girl her daughter had mentored for a few years - an 18-year-old who was about 9 weeks pregnant and was looking for someone to adopt her baby. She wanted a Christian family that lived out of state - we are one state apart - and had three requests: she wanted to help choose the names, she wanted pictures from time to time, and she wanted to be able to write a letter for the child to read when they were older explaining why she gave him or her up. I am excited to say that we met and she choose us to adopt her baby! We do not know yet if we are having a boy or girl and are cautiously optimistic, as we know so many things could change before her March due date. However, we are praising God for this opportunity and are excited at the prospect of adding a child to our family! The upcoming months will chronicle our efforts to raise money (we will have giveaways, eBay auctions, and other fundraisers, along with a Paypal donate button on this site) and the ups and downs of adoption. Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers!

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