Thursday, February 24, 2011

Faith's Birth Story

Our little girl is here! She surprised us and came almost four weeks early, but was completely healthy - a total miracle given that she was exposed to drugs, smoking, and was early! Our little miracle! Faith Olivia Leonard was born at 4:56 PM California time on February 12th weighing 5 lbs, 6 oz and measuring 16.5 inches long.

Now for the story!
We had planned on leaving February 28th to get to Utah for her scheduled c section on March 2nd. The Dr said he didn't think early labour would be an issue, so we were unconcerned (HA!). We had even purchased airplane tickets...nonrefundable of course lol.
At around 2:30 on the 12th I had a missed call on my cell phone from the birth mom. I called her right back and she said the magic words: "My water just broke!" I think I just stood in the kitchen for a few minutes with my jaw on the floor! Finally, something clicked and I said, "We are on our way," and got Mike. We packed and were in the car with my mom within an hour...couldn't get a flight so we drove 14 hours straight to Utah.
On the way there the birthmom texted us that she had decided to see was a little scary, but I had faith in her and God that it was the right thing to do. Around 6:30 on the 13th we arrived at the hospital and got to meet our daughter...such a surreal, amazing moment. We were nervous about how we would be treated at the hospital-our social worker had warned us that some nurses treat adoptive parents like baby snatchers-but that was not the case. Every nurse we had was amazing! We had a private room at the hospital and never had to leave our baby in the nursery...I couldn't imagine letting her out of our sight! The nurses also gave us two huge bags of formula and diapers...they were so wonderful and supportive!
The next two days were exhausting...every time the birth mother's family would come, we had to let them see HARD! Early on Valentine's day we got the news that the birth mother had singed the relinquishment, which in Utah, is irrevocable...BEST DAY EVER! We will never be able to top that Valentine's day!
After a few days to let paperwork go through, we returned home and have been enjoying our little one ever since. She is just perfect...we don't even mind being up every hour during the night or changing those blowout's all a big miracle to us!
Faith had her first Dr's appointment on Tuesday and is thriving...she's already surpassed her birth weight and grown almost two inches! We are so blessed and just can't believe after so many years of waiting, trying, hoping, and praying God has blessed us with the most beautiful, perfect little girl ever! :)

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  1. I am so happy for you guys! Faith is beautiful!