Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One month (late) and funny faces

I cannot believe my baby was one month old on the 12th! She is close to 8 lbs now - 7.11 at her last Dr's appointment on the 17th - and is close to growing out of her newborn clothes! Amazing to me since when we left the hospital she was barely over 5 lbs and newborn clothes SWAM on her! Here is my punkin' still in the hospital: 

And here she is the day we left the hospital - Valentine's Day! See how huge her newborn clothes were?!

And at one month - check out those chubby cheeks and her two chins! Love it!

She wants to hold her head up so bad...she'll hold it up for 30-60 seconds when she's on my chest facing me. She is ALWAYS hungry...still waking up every 1 1/2 or so most nights! But, as long as she's gaining weight so well, it's fine with me! At her last Dr's appointment, she was gaining an average of 2 oz a DAY! The Dr also commented on how alert and aware she is...she really focuses in on faces and wants to see everything that's going on. Her eyes are also changing colors...looks like they are going to be green or hazel green...just like mine! She also has the most expressive face...here are a few of the funny faces we've captured the last couple of weeks:

We just love this little girl!!!!

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  1. I can't imagine the love you have for your little girl! I am so happy for you guys. Keep the updates coming, I love to read them!